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Ledfire III Recessed LED Emergency Light D40

product code: EV1693

Ledfire Recessed Emergency Light D40 Key Features * Best in class energy consumption * Utilises Flex & Plug * Long life electronics * High ambient temperatu... more info

D50 Recessed LED LITE Emergency Light 2.7W Ektor

product code: EV1696

Ledfire Lite Emnergency 2.7W Luminaire (white) Key Features * Long life electronics * Large terminal blocks * Best in class energy consumption * High ambien... more info

Pearl Circular Emergency W/P D32 DALI

product code: EV1808

Pearl Circular Emergency W/P D32 DALI Surface mounted (Wall or ceiling) FEATURES - IP65 rated for harsh weather environments - Led wattage 15W - Long life electronics ... more info

Pearl Circular Pro Emergency IP65 D40 DALI

product code: EV1809

Pearl Circular Pro Emergency IP65 D40 DALI (Surface or wall mount) FEATURES - Led wattage 25W - IP65 rated for harsh weather environments - Long life electronics - Lar... more info

Ledfire III Pro Recessed LED Emergency Light D63

product code: EV1694

The Ektor Generation III platform introduces you to a new era of emergency lighting control. With years in the making, the third generation platform builds on the Ektor ... more info

DALI D40 Recessed LED Emergency Light 1.8W Ektor

product code: EV1673

Ektor DALI enabled Ledfire Pro 1.8W Recessed Emergency LED Luminaire 85mm dia recessed unit - supplied with an extra outer dish (140mm dia) which allows installation int... more info

DALI D40 Surface-Mount LED Emergency Light Ektor

product code: EV1613

Ektor DALI Enabled Ledfire 1.8W Surface Mount Emergency LED Luminaire Ideal for installation on concrete surfaces or exposed ceilings. - DALI enabled board, which allow... more info

LED Emergency Flood Light Ektor Ledfire

product code: EV1674

Ektor Dolly LED Non-Maintained Emergency Flood Light Wall or ceiling mounted LED flood light, with two movable heads providing light to almost any area during an emergen... more info

LED Emergency Twin Spot Flood Light

1.8W LED Non-Maintained Emergency Bulkhead IP65

product code: EV3685

Ektor Mercury 1.8W Non-Maintained LED Weatherproof Bulkhead Weatherproof emergency light suited to applications where dust or water is an issue. Ideal for under eaves, b... more info

2x36W Bare Batten w/D25 LED Emergency

product code: EV4115

Ektor 2x36W Bare Batten with D25 LED emergency Wide, bare body emergency batten complete with high quality electronic ballasts and LED emergency pack. The emergency LED,... more info