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IC Rated LED Downlights - Insulation Covered

LED Downlight range

Article Update May 2014

IC-F Rating – Insulation Covered

Since this article was first written Loretto have introduced the LORLED BASE range of 10W LED down lights which are IC-F certified.

IC-F rated down lights are the highest insulation rated LED lights available, the definition provided by the Lighting Council New Zealand is:

“Type IC-F recessed luminaire where building insulation that can safely be exposed continuously to 90°C may abut or cover the luminaire. The symbol shall be permanently marked on the back of the fitting, be clearly visible, at least 20 mm high and clearly legible. Resistant to ingress of external matter”

By extrapolation this means that technically the side and height building clearance requirements are essentially zero, however we would suggest a gap is left if at all possible, just tidier if one element is not touching the other directly.

IC-F Rated LED Downlight logo





Installing Insulation and LED Downlights?

Loretto are proud to launch the New Zealand IC rated LED downlight  (Insulation Covered), which as the rating standard suggests allows insulation to be laid over the LED downlight fixture*.

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Installing insulation, wondering how to install around recessed downlights?

Worried about heat loss caused cutting holes in your ceiling, but really want the modern look and energy savings that the Loretto range of LED downlights brings?

Whether you are retro fitting or installing recessed lights for the first time the IC rated Loretto downlight  is the solution to all those energy saving and thermal loss concerns. The IC rated recessed downlight fixtures allow insulation to be place over the fitting.

With insulation covering the light fitting which any potential heat loss caused by cutting holes in the ceiling is almost completely eliminated. Note please make sure you install the right type of insulation Class Markings and manufacturer’s specifications dictate what  type of insulation is safe for each model of downlight click here to find out more.

Standard recessed downlights now have to be CA rated which means insulation can be around (abutted) the sides of the downlight but NOT covering it. The Loretto range as standard are all CA 135 rated as standard.

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True energy saving enthusiasts worry about the thermal loss through holes cut in the ceiling and through the air vents/gaps traditionally found in recessed dwonlight fittings. The Loretto range of downlights do not have air vents or gaps and therefore even the CA rated downlights are reducing the thermal heat loss dramatically. Those that want to take it to the next level in insulation should install the IC rated lights.

Safety is always a consideration and the Lorretto range of LED lights have a thermal cut out feature, which cuts power to the lamp if it overheats

IC rated LED downlights minimises insulation issue

There are other advantages of LED lights over eco-friendly energy saving bulbs. Unlike other eco-friendly energy efficient bulbs or lamps LED lights don’t take a minute or two to warm up they are at maximum brightness as soon as you turn them on. Additionally you can dim them if you want to

*Use insulation types that are approved to cover lighting fixtures. All downlights still have minimum clearances to timber or other combustible elements, check the specifications for detail but this is normally 50-75mm from the fixture. Click here to see further information on NZ standards for installing insulation


  • IC rated – can cover with insulation
  • Sealed fixture – no air holes creating thermal loss
  • Massive Energy saving LED technology from 10w
  • Long life – average life 40,000 hrs
  • Modern designer recessed downlight fixture with range of finishes sand styles
  • High brightness 920 lumens light WITH wide 100 degree beam angle
  • Frosted lens LED lamp are not visible so less glare & more attractive than other LED fittings
  • Safe – thermal cut out
  • Extensive quality range designed for NZ homes
  • Loretto a quality brand with 25 years experience in the NZ market
  • Supplied with dimmable driver
  • Range included battery back up safety light
  • 2 year warranty


For more information on New Zealands domestic downlighting standards please open the document link  from the Lighting Council New Zealand  Downlight Standards-FAQs-V6.

You can find out more about the Lighting Council from their website