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IEC 309 16A and 32A plugs and socket-outlets - GEWISS


New Class Leading Range of Industrial 16A to 125A Plugs and socket-outlets From GEWISS

The new GEWISS IEC 309 standard HP (high performance) range consists of industrial plugs and socket-outlets from 16A to 125A in mobile or fixed, surface or flush-mounting, straight or 90°, IP44 or IP67 versions .With protected and watertight options as well.

The range also includes multipliers and adapters with various amperage and polarity combinations to meet industries varying needs.

The offering is distinguished by the innovative IEC 309 HP – HIGH PERFORMANCE range: mobile plugs and socket-outlets and fixed 10° flush-mounting socket-outlets (versions with quick spring wiring and screw wiring from 16A to 32A).

HIGH PERFORMANCE mobile plugs and socket-outlets also achieving IP68/IP69 degrees of protection

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GEWISS IEC 309 Standard HP Range Outperforms The Competition





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IEC 309 16A and 32A plugs and socketKey market advantages:

IP 68-69 weatherproof rating (see declaration of conformity for IP68-IP69)

Patented quick closing, safe lock system

Superior behaviour against chemical and atmospheric agents.

(see declaration of conformity for absence of Hazardous materials)

Zero Halogens (see declaration of conformity for zero halogens)

High impact and crushing resistance

Nickel plated contacts

Time saving wiring design with optional fast spring wiring (coded FH)

GEWISS 16A and 32A Spring & Screw Wiring options copy

Patent Quick Lock and Safe Closing System

GEWISS safelock system





Temporarily Submersible to 20m – IP68 rating

GEWISS IP68 rating 16a and 32A plugs






Water tight even with strong pressure and high temperatures – IP 69 rating

GEWISS IP69 16A and 32A plugs and sockets







The Only Choice For Serious High Voltage Power Distribution

For industry, construction, site power, marine or port installations, AV lighting, exhibitions, generators, manufacturing, events venues, boats and the RV at the campsite. The Gewiss IC 309 HP range is the answer .

IEC 309 16A and 32A plugs and socket – Frequent Asked Questions

1)     What is the advantage of nickel-plated contacts? The nickel-plated contacts ensure maximum resistance to oxidation and chemical attack of the metal parts.. It is ensured the proper functioning and the maximum durability of the products even in aggressive environments.

2)     What is the meaning of quadruple IP 66/67/68/69 protection degree? IP66/IP67 protection degree are the maximum degree of protection provided by the standard (respectively against strong water jets and temporary water immersion), the only that can be labeled on the product. GEWISS has independently decided to introduce on its products IP68 protection degree, (permanent immersion up to 20 meters) and IP69 protection degree (against water jets with high temperature and pressure), to offer the maximum achievable and testable performances, even fulfilling more strict standards than that of the product.

3)     What new applications do the new plugs and socket-outlets offer? The new applications offered thanks to the extension of the reference hours of the earth contacts are: use with high frequencies, use with particular voltage, use with high frequencies, marine, port and naval installations, refrigerated containers, isolation transformers and use in direct current.

4)     Which range of clamping do the new plugs and socket-outlets offer? The range of clamping, recorded in the tables below, are in line or superior than the range required by the standard.

5)     Is there interchangeability with the old range? The new range is totally interchangeable with the old one.

6)     Is it possible to have fast wiring on all versions not in the catalogue? Yes, all versions can be designed on request with fast wiring as special articles.

7)     What is the advantage of Halogen Free products? Halogen free products are used to ensure the maximum safety of people and equipment in event of fire. There is no specific legislation in Italy, but this products are increasingly required by the customer: this kind of standard are already spread across Europe for public environments and public environment and at high concentration of people.

8)     Can the cover be replaced in case of damage? It is now possible, in case of damage, thanks to the bolt, to replace only the cover and not the entire socket-outlets.

9)     What is the cavity of the terminal screw? The cavity of the terminal screws is PH2.