PSA Lifesaver® Carbon Monoxide Alarm 240v

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PSA Lifesaver® Carbon Monoxide Alarm 240v – LIFCO240

Provides continuous monitoring of CO levels and provides reliable protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The LIFESAVER LIFCO240 alarm is 240V mains powered, with a non-removeable lithium rechargeable battery. It can be interconnected to other LIFESAVER smoke alarms and heat alarms. If one alarm activates all alarms will sound. If CO alarm activates it will sound 4 beeps pause then 4 beeps repeating.


– 240V with sealed in rechargeable battery backup
– Power, Low battery and Alarm LED indicators.
– Test/Reset Button
– For Wall or Ceiling Mounting
– 5 Year Warranty
– Interconnectable up to 24 PSA LIFESAVER Smoke, Heat, and CO Alarms
– Provides 7 years of continuous operation
– Approved to EN50291.1:2010
– Loud 85dB at 3m sounder.
– This alarm meets the following response time: 50ppm: 60-90 min
– 100ppm: 10-40 min
– 300ppm: within 3 min