Rheem Solenoid & Control Board Kit For 12V Lazer Water Boilers

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Upgrade kit for older 12v style Lazer boiling water units.

The 12v solenoid valve and control board used in these older models is no longer available so this kit can be used to upgrade the units to 24v (A 12v solenoid valve cannot be used in conjunction with a 24v control board, and vice-versa, hence why a full kit replacement kit is required).

This kit contains:
– Control Board (ECB)
– Solenoid valve
– Associated wiring and accessories

This kit is suitable for the following models of Lazer water boilers:
– Lazer Classic 711 Series Auto Boiling Water Unit
– Lazer Designer 761 series Auto Boiling Water Unit
– Lazer 57673 4.5L series conversion kit 316580 required.