UniTacker Multi Purpose Staple Gun 5-in-1

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UT668 – 5 in 1 Staple Gun Tacker

This tacker has the ability to take multiple staples/nail types and sizes, reducing the need to have multple tackers for different jobs.
It is the first tacker designed to take both fine & thick staples. It takes multiple staple and nail types/sizes, including most US and European major brands, 53 (JT21), 140 (T50), 36 (T-25), T-brad and Headless Nail.

– High impact moulded plastic housing
– Safety handle lock
– Power adjustment system
– Jam-proof mechanism
– Visual low staple refill window

Staple Applications:
– Fine Wire Staples (Rapid #53): Leg length range 6mm – 14mm
– Flat Wire Staples (Rapid #140): Leg length range 6mm – 14mm
– Cable Staples (Rapid #36): Leg length range 10mm – 14mm
– Brad Nail (Rapid #8): 15mm
– Headless Pin (Rapid #9): 15mm

NB: These DO NOT take S1214400 staples as shown in our catalogue in error.

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