Timer Delay On Break Timer With 1.8 Sec – 10 Minute Adjustable Time Delay Universal 18-240 VAC

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TMDU203 – 18-240V Anti-Short Cycle/Lockout Delay-On Break Timer

– Brand: ICM
– Timer adjustable from 1.8 seconds to 10 minutes
– Works with anticipator thermostats
– Simple 2-wire hook-up

– Line voltage: 18v-240v AC/DC
– Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

– Maximum: 1.5a
– Minimum: 40ma
– In-rush: 15a

Upon application of power, the load is energized.
When the thermostat opens or there is a loss of power, the load is de-energized and the delay period begins.
The compressor will not start again during the delay period.
The TMDU203 provides true thermostat interruption protection, even in the presence of a trickle current.