K-Sun Label Shop Heat-Shrink Industrial Label Printer

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A 3-in-1 label printer for custom labelling, bar code printing and heat shrink tube identification.

The BEE3-EZ+ is a portable, compact, keyboard printer that creates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different size and color combinations.
It also prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification.
It has 6-Bar Code formats for making custom bar code labels for multiple uses in asset management, product identification, packaging and shelving.
It can run on 6 standard “AA” batteries, or the supplied AC Adapter.

– Hot Keys for Instant Selection of Font Sizes and Styles
– Prints on 5 Heat-Shrink Tube Sizes, 3 Color Combinations
– 5 Labeling Tape Sizes 1/6″ (4mm), 1/4″ (6mm), 3/8″ (9mm), 1/2″ (12mm) and 3/4″ (18mm)
– 36 Month Printer Warranty
– 6 Bar Code Formats for Industrial and Asset Management Label Identification
– Snap-in Clear Cartridges Load Conveniently from the Top. Tape Size, Color, and Quantity Instantly Visible Through Clear Cover
– 14 Fonts, 1-4 Lines of Text Offers Maximum Label Design Functions
– QWERTY Style Keyboard for Faster and Easier Text Entry
– Auto-Cut or Continuous Printing for Greater Speed and Flexibility