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IC-F Rated LED Downlight - Loretto 10w LORLED Base Fitting

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IC-F Rated Downlight

The LORLED BASE LED Downlight is now IC-F rated.

Tested by Spectrum Labs in Auckland the 10W LED Downlight Base fitting passed the criteria for the IC-F rating (the highest insulation rating).

The LORLED Base now ticks more boxes than most in its class: IC-F rated , 40,000hrs, 920 lumens, dimmable driver, quality casting.

If you are still not sure please see the list of features and benefits below:

IC-F Rated Downlight



11 Reasons Why to buy the LORLED BASE 10W LED Downlight:

  • 920 Lumens
  • Dimmable Driver included – Standards Australia approved
  • 40,000hrs (many competitors are only 20 to 30,000hrs)
  • 3 year warranty
  • IC-F Rated – Officially tested by Spectrum Labs NZ
  • Zero Failure (Loretto LED failure rate is approx. 0.0000005%)
  • Quality casting and heat sink
    • do a physical comparison to see the quality difference
    • solid front fascia not thin tin or plastic! Some are bent, don’t sit flat
    •  quality DuPont paint finish with 5 year warranty
    • class leading satin nickel option
    •  frosted lens recessed into beveled fascia minimises ‘glare’
  • Driver runs LED at 350ma
    • many run harder @ 500ma = shorter life
  • Consistency of CRI, colour temperature of the light
    • Loretto only source one LED chip with high quality phosphor from Intematix, USA. This gives consistency of light colour, others use LED chips from several sources and the light colour varies, not a good look in a room
  • Range, the Loretto range have used the same high quality fascia throughout the range to ensure they match – offering IP65 weather proof fixtures for bathrooms, soffits and canopies. Range includes a safety light option with battery back up
  • 23 years experience distributing lighting and electrical supplies with warehouses and customer support centres in both the North and South Island

Buy Smart – When It Comes To LED Downlights There Is Only One Choice!