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Zoppa Zoppa8 Terminal

Eutron 2000W Top Radiant 8″ Plug In Element

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Top Radiant Element

Element Dimensions: 8 Inch (200mm) – Use 99165E Connector Block
Wattage: 2000W
Range Brand: Simpson / Westinghouse / Atlas – 3U (Post 2004), 4U

Equivalent: STR78 / 5841H


Suitable for the following models:

Simpson and Westinghouse ovens WLE, 4000 series (upright) 4U600, 4U601, 4U602, 4U603, 4U604, 4U605, 4U606, 4U608, 4U609, 4U613, 3000 Series (upright ovens post 2004) 3U600, 3U601, 3U602, 3U603, 3U604, 3U605, 3U606, 3U607, 3U608, 3U609

PAK804W, PAK804W*40, WLE626WA, WLE624WA, WLE622WA, WLE620WA, WLE625WA, PAJ804W*00, PAJ804W*01, PAJ804W*02, PAJ804W*03, PAJ804W*04, PAJ804W*05, PAJ805W*00, PAJ805W*01, PAJ805W*02, PAJ805W*03, PAJ805W*04, PAJ805W*05, 3U601W COLOMBO, 3U604W GEMINI, 3U601HW COLOMBO, 3U600W MERCURY, 3U602W NEPTUNE, 3U603W SATURN, 3U607W COSMOS, 4U600W*39, 4U601W*39, 4U602W*39, 4U603W*39, 4U603W*40, 4U604W*39, 4U604W*40, 4U600W*01, 4U601W*01, 4U602W*01, 4U603W*01, 4U604W*01, PAK804W*60, PAK804W*39, 4U600W*58, 4U601W*58, PAK804W*01 , 4U600W*32 , PAK804W*32 , 4U601W*32 , 4U602W*32 , 4U603W*32, 4U604W*32, PAK804W*46, 4U600W*60, 4U601W*60, 4U612W*60, 4U613W*60, 62H682W*40, 4U600W*04, 4U601W*04, 4U602W*04, 4U603W*04, 4U604W*04, 4U600W*46, 4U604W*46, 4U601W*46, PAJ804W*07, PAJ805W*07