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Eutron Main Oven Door Seal

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Replacement door gasket for Simpson and Westinghouse ovens.

Length approx 1.68m

Hooks 25mm from the ends

Suits a range of models including 1U, 2U and 3U series ovens.

Simpson ,1W601
Simpson ,1W602
Simpson, 1W610
Simpson, 1W611
Simpson, 1W701
Simpson, 1U501
Simpson, 1U502
Simpson, 1U600
Simpson, 1U601
Simpson, 1U601H
Simpson, 1U602
Simpson, 1U603
Simpson, 1U604
Simpson, 1U605
Simpson, 1U606
Simpson, 1U607
Simpson ,1U608
Simpson ,1U609
Simpson, 2U501
Simpson, 2U502
Simpson ,2U600
Simpson ,2U601
Simpson, 2U601H
Simpson, 2U602
Simpson, 2U603
Simpson ,2U604
Simpson, 2U605
Simpson ,2U606
Simpson, 2U607
Simpson ,2U608
Simpson ,2U609
Simpson ,2W600
Simpson, 2W601
Simpson, 2W602
Simpson ,2W701
Simpson ,3U600
Simpson, 3U601
Simpson ,3U602
Simpson, 3U603
Simpson ,3U604
Simpson, 3U605
Simpson, 3U606
Simpson, 3U607
Simpson, 3U608
Simpson, 3U609
Simpson, 3W600
Simpson, 3W601
Simpson, 3W602
Simpson ,3W603
Simpson, 3W701

1U 2U 3U oven series by Simpson (usually White with cream surround panels or completely white)

Oven Door Seal TEMPEST, VEGA, MERCURY, COLOMBO HNZ, COLOMBO, NEPTUNE, SATURN, GMINI, POLARIS, APOLLO, COSMOS , JUPITER2U501W, 2U502W, 2U600W, 2U601HW, 2U601W, 2U602W, 2U603W, 2U604W, 2U605W, 2U606W, 3W600S, La Casa, 3W601BK, La Scala 3W602S, La Bella, 3W603S, Roma 3W701S, 3W600 3W601 3W603 3W602 3W701, 3W600S,-W -La Casa: 3W601BK,-S,-W -La Scala: 3W602S, 3W602W, La Bella,3W603S, 3W603W, Roma,
3W701S, 3W701W,

La Stella


Suitable for the following models:

1U600 series, 2U600 series and 3U600 series