Eutron Simpson Appliance White Knob With Grey Indicator To Suit 2U Series

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The 74970 control knob is a crisp white plastic knob with grey indicator.
This knob is a genuine Electrolux replacement part suitable for Atlas freestanding
and wall ovens: 1000 series; 1U & 1W series.


1U502W, 1U501W, 1U600W, 1U600WL, 1U609W, 1U609WL, 1U608W, 1U607W,
1U606W, 1U604W, 1U605W, 1U603W, 1U602W, 1U601W, 1W701W, 1W602W,
1W601W, 1W601BK, 1W611W