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Extra Heavy Duty Red Extension Lead 30m

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ALTONA Extra Heavy Duty extension lead

* 1.5mm, 15A, 3 Core, 4V-75 PVC cable
* 10A moulded plug and connector.
* 30 mtrs long
* Red
* Neon light in the connector alerts to power being on
* Cable has a thicker outer sheathing, more suitable for tradesmen who move their leads around a lot.
* Warranty – 1 year against faulty parts or workmanship. Proof of purchase must be supplied.

** NB: When test and tagging a lead that has a neon in it and using only a mega, it is important that you only test to 230V as any higher voltage will show a voltage leak between the phase and neutral as that is where the neon is connected.

Complies to AS/NZS 3120:2011 + A1:2012, AS/NZS3191:2008 & AS/NZS3112:2011 + A1
SDoc No. GL201237

Carton Qty = 5


SDoc GL201237 EC15XHDN EX20XHDN EX30XHDN.pdf