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Gewiss Frp Distr Board Blank Door M/Plate 310x425x160mm IP66

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GW46002GT – Watertight Polyester Distribution Board with Lockable Hinged Door and Insulated Back Mount Plate IP65

– Brand: Gewiss
– External dimensions: 310 x 425 x 160mm (LxHxD)
– No. of modules (DIN): 36 (3 rows of 12)
– Impact resistant
– Halogen free
– Supplied with back mount plate made out of insulated material
– Fitted with pre-assembled inserts to speed up the configuration of the board
– The door can be hinged to open to either the left or the right and is equipped with a functional reference grid for fixing devices to it
– Windowed or blank panels can be mounted directly into the side walls of the enclosure
– Supplied with screwcaps for double insulation and four reversible squares, with the relative bolts and screws, for fixing the back-mounting plates (included) or uprights for modular equipment (not included)
– No. of locks: 2
– Dispersible power: 48W (calculated according to CEI 23-49)
– IP65


Gewiss 46 range of distribution boards technical info.pdf
Gewiss 46 range technical info.pdf
Gewiss 46 range distribution board overview.pdf
Parts available for Gewiss 46 range distribution boards.pdf