Timer Delay On Make Timer With 1.8 Sec – 10 Minute Adjustable Time Delay Universal 18-240 VAC

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TMDU480 – 18-240V Compressor staging/Start-up Delay-On Make Timer

– Brand: ICM
– Timer adjustable from 1.8 seconds to 10 minutes
– Works with non-anticipator type systems
– Simple 2-wire hook-up

– Line voltage: 18v-240v AC/DC
– Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

– Maximum: 1.5a
– Minimum: 10ma
– In-rush: 15a

When power is applied to the input, the time delay begins.
After the time delay is complete, the load energizes and remains energized as long as power is applied.
The control is reset by removing power during or after the time delay period.