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Megger 500A TRMS Clamp Meter

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1500 A TRMS Clamp Meter

  • DC and AC current up to 1500 A
  • True RMS measurement for greater accuracy
  • Large jaw size safely assists with uninsulated conductor measurements
  • 750 Vac and 1000 Vdc
  • Resistance , continuity and frequency
  • Peak, min/max and data-hold functions

Safety rated to IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600 V, the DCM1500 Measures up to 1500 A ac or dc and it offers 750 Vac and 1000 Vdc ranges making it ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of large ac or dc electrical systems and equipment.

The large clear digits of the numeric display are complemented by a high-resolution digital bar graph, useful for trending and indicating fluctuation in measurement. The back light assists use in poorly lit areas such as distribution cupboards and corners of switch-rooms; and the data-hold feature enables use on difficult access cables, where otherwise the display may be impossible to see.