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Megger MFT1825 AU Multi-Function Tester

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Our most popular model!! Move to the next level in testing but still stunningly good buying! Perfect for the industrial/commercial electrician plus (as CAT 4) power company journeymen. All the great features of the MFT1710 plus has full range RCD tests including auto & ramp tests plus 3 phase RCD, programmable RCD, leakage current, phase rotation, & included calibration certificate. Includes remote operation probe to simplify operation. Very capable earth testing capability that includes single clamp+ driven rod testing.

■ Move to the next level of testing
■ Meets testing requirements of AS/NZS3000.
■ Insulation testing + meter protection on live circuits.
■ Two wire, non trip & hi current earth loop testing.
■ Full range RCD tests including auto & ramp tests.
■ Plus 3 phase RCDs with no earth.
■ Res & cont. Phase rotation. Polarity.
■ Voltage.
■ Frequency.
■ Earth Testing with optional accessories.
■ Current measurement with optional accessory.
■ CATIV safety rating.

The MFT1845 multifunction tester has been designed for testing low-voltage electrical installations, particularly in locations that suffer from high electrical noise. It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

The MFT1845+ includes a new non-trip loop testing technology that prevents any influence that the RCD may present to the total loop impedance value and has non-trip loop testing down to 8 seconds. This technique also allows testing of loop impedance through 10 mA type AC and Type A RCDs.

Overlaying the new non-trip loop impedance measurement is the new Megger Confidence Meter. As loop impedance values can be dramatically affected by circuit noise, the Confidence Meter displays the degree of confidence in the accuracy of the measured loop impedance. Using the digital ARC to indicate the analytical process, the measurement is continually monitored and adjusted when circuit noise is present, resulting in a dramatically improved and repeatable test result.

The MFT1845+ includes an automatic EV Charge Point RCD test sequence, including the 6 mA DC test (EVCA adapter accessories required). Test results can be reviewed or saved to memory and reviewed later.