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Megger-1002-490-Replacement-Probes-and-Clips-1 (1) zoom


Megger-1002-490-Replacement-Probes-and-Clips-1 (1)

Probes & Croc clips – MFT range

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Replacement Probes & Croc Clips.

Lost, damaged or you simply need an extra set of probes and crocodile clips for your Megger test lead set. This Megger 1002-490 probes and clips set ideal replacement or a spare set for the MFT1700 series (MFT1710, MFT1720, MFT1730 Multifunction Testers) test leads.

This set: supplied with crocodile clips and large, removable prods with GS38 probe tips and have standard 4mm plugs at the instrument end.