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Rheem Lazer® Commercial Boiling Water Unit 10L 2.4kw Incl Timer Stainless Steel

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Rheem Lazer Commercial Boiler Unit – 70210S-NZ

This Rheem Lazer Commercial is a high flow boiling water appliance designed for busy spaces.
This range of units feature a user-friendly timer and surface-integrated controls that leave the exterior smooth for cleaning. The control functions automatically return to your settings after a power cut. The fast flow tap offers up to 35% fast filling and the unit boosts an automatic safety system to stop the unit from boiling dry.
The seven-day timer turns energy off when boiling water isn’t needed, while sleep mode shuts down the system when it hasn’t been used for a set period of time.

Note: This boiling water unit is not intended to be operated by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities i.e. the infirm, or by children. Children should be supervised to ensure they do not interfere with the boiling water unit.

Approx. Storage Capacity – 10 Litres
Delivery Initial – 11 Litres
Recovery p/hr – 23 Litres

Spare parts for this unit:

* Tap assembly – 317804
* Tap Seal – 10556
* Water Inlet Solenoid Valve – 7.5 – 15L – 318261
* Controller – 7.5 – 15L – 317159
* Hi/Lo Water Level Probes – 312029
* Elements 7.5-15L 2.4kW – 315881
* Element / Tank Gasket 5 Pk – 012142

Please contact our Customer Service team if the spare part you require isn’t listed