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Rheem Heatsink Compound 10g Tube

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Heatsink paste which can be used with the following models of boiling water units:

– Lazer Office 701 series 3L & 5L
– Lazer Commercial 702 series 7.5L – 40L
– Lazer Economy 703 series 3L – 7.5L
– Lazer Classic Timer 710/720 series from 3L to 40L
– Lazer Modular Classic 771 Series Auto Boiling Water Units from 2.5L – 40L
– Lazer Modular Designer 791 series Auto Boiling Water Unit 2.5L – 7.5L
– Lazer Classic 711 Series Auto Boiling Water Unit
– Lazer Designer 761 series Auto Boiling Water Unit