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Carbon Monoxide Alarm 3xAA Battery Powered

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PSA Lifesaver® Carbon Monoxide Alarm 3xAA Battery Powered – LIFCO9

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless and odourless poisonous gas which can be produced by poorly maintained or badly fitted domestic heating and cooking appliances.
The Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Alarm protects against the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide levels in the home and provides continuous monitoring of CO levels.


– Brand: Lifesaver
– Battery operated (3x AA included)
– 85+ dB audible alarm
– Two LED’s to show what state the alarm is in (normal or alarm)
– Test/Reset button allows you to test the alarm operation and silence the alarm if required
– Easy to install
– 7 year sensor life, providing up to 40% longer protection than many other CO alarms currently available
– 5 year warranty
– Approved by BSI to EN52091
– CE approved

Technical Specifications:

– Audible alarm: 85+ dB at 3m @ 3.4±0.5 KHz pulsing alarm
– Temperature range: 4°C to 38°C
– Humidity range: 10% – 95% relative humidity (RH)
– Alarm dimensions: 126mm x 72mm x 35mm
– Weight: 0.22 kg
– Electrochemical sensor


Smoke Alarm Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
LIFCO9 CO Alarm Data Sheet.pdf