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Heat Alarm 240v With 9v Battery Back-Up

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PSA Lifesaver® Heat Alarm 240v With 9v Battery Back-Up – LIFHA240

240VAC mains powered heat alarm with 9VDC battery back-up.


– 57°C fixed temperature design Heat Alarm
– Interconnectable with compatible 240V smoke and CO alarms
– MAINS power on green Led and red status Led
– 240V mains power operation, 9VDC battery backup
– Low battery indication
– Tamper resistant
– 5 year warranty (excludes battery)
– Single Test and Hush button
– Heat alarms give an audible warning when the temperature at the alarm reaches 57°C or above.
– For best protection, it is recommended smoke alarm and heat alarm are installed together. This alarm will not detect smoke, gases or flames.
– Heat alarm are suitable for kitchens, cellars, garage, workshops and factory. In areas of high dust and humidity.
– Approved to Australian Standard AS1603.3:2018


Heat Alarm Brochure.pdf
Smoke Alarm Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
LIFHA240 Data Sheet.pdf