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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 240v With 9v Battery Back-Up

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PSA Lifesaver® Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 240v With 9v Battery Back-Up – LIF5800/2

240VAC mains powered photoelectric smoke alarm with 9VDC battery back-up approved to AS3786:2014 standards.


– Photoelectric sensing technology
– Quick-Slide base compatible with Series 1 models
– 240VAC 9VDC battery back-up
– Low battery warning delay – silence low battery beeping for 8 hours, giving you time to change the battery
– Up to 24 units can be interconnected together
– Compatible with the LIFWMB2 wireless interconnecting base (base plate must be installed by a licensed electrician)
– Insect screen around sensing chamber to reduce false alarms
– First to alarm memory feature
– Increased resilience to electrical interferences
– Tested and approved to AS3786:2014
– Premium alkaline battery included
– 5 year limited warranty
– ActivFire & SAI Listed
– Must be installed by a licensed electrician

Other Features:

Test Mode: Pressing and holding the TEST button will test the smoke alarm electronics and sounder. Releasing the TEST button the smoke alarm will enter hush mode.

Low Battery Condition: The smoke alarm will beep every 40 seconds and the red LED will flash every 5 minutes when a low battery voltage is detected. Pressing the HUSH button during a low battery warning will silence the low battery beeping for up to 8 hours. This is called LOW BATTERY HUSH.

Smoke Alarm Memory: The red LED will flash 3 times every 40 seconds on the unit that has activated. Pressing the TEST button will emit short beeping before resetting.

Chamber Fault Mode: The smoke alarm continuously monitors the condition of its smoke detection chamber. Smoke alarm will beep 3 times every 40 seconds if it requires maintenance and cleaning.


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