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Megger XTL50 50M Extension Test Lead

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Remote Earth Reference Kit:

When using the MFT testers for installation testing and inspection it is imperative that a remote earth reference is established at that outset to confirm that the correct polarity exits. The Megger extension lead kits offer a simple and convenient means to do this.

Protective Earth Conductor Varification:

These compact trailing test leads (used with the MFT in continuity mode and nulled out prior to use) are also handy for testing and verifying the continuity compliance of protective earth conductors at remote points in an installation prior to livening, in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS3000.

  • 30 metre and 50 metre versions
  • Suitable also for continuity verification testing of remote installation wiring
  • Easy to re-wind cable with tangle-free cable guide
  • Compact and light design